1. Make the Sign of the Cross
 2. Say the Rosary 
 3. Say the following Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary...

 Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy on us.
 Christ, have mercy. Christ, have mercy on us.
 Christ hear us. Christ graciously hear us.
 God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us.
 God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
 God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us. 
 Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.

 Holy Mary,  pray for us.
 Holy Mother of God,  pray for us.
 Holy Virgin of Virgins,  pray for us. 
 Mother of Christ,  pray for us.
 Mother of the Church,  pray for us.
 Mother of divine grace,  pray for us.
 Mother most pure,  pray for us.
 Mother most chaste,  pray for us.
 Mother inviolate,  pray for us.
 Mother undefiled,  pray for us.
 Mother most amiable,  pray for us.
 Mother most admirable,  pray for us.
 Mother of good Counsel,  pray for us.
 Mother of our Creator,  pray for us.
 Mother of our Savior,  pray for us.
 Virgin most prudent,  pray for us.
 Virgin most venerable,  pray for us.
 Virgin most renowned,  pray for us.
 Virgin most powerful,  pray for us.
 Virgin most merciful,  pray for us.
 Virgin most faithful,  pray for us.
 Mirror of justice,  pray for us.
 Seat of wisdom,  pray for us. 
 Cause of our joy,  pray for us.
 Spiritual vessel,  pray for us.
 Vessel of honor,  pray for us.
 Singular vessel of devotion,  pray for us.
 Mystical rose,  pray for us.
 Tower of David,  pray for us.
 Tower of ivory,  pray for us. 
 House of gold,  pray for us. 
 Ark of the covenant,  pray for us.  
 Gate of heaven,  pray for us. 
 Morning star,  pray for us.
 Health of the sick,  pray for us. 
 Refuge of sinners,  pray for us.
 Comforter of the afflicted,  pray for us. 
 Help of Christians,  pray for us. 
 Queen of Angels,  pray for us. 
 Queen of Patriarchs,  pray for us. 
 Queen of Prophets,  pray for us. 
 Queen of Apostles,  pray for us.
 Queen of Martyrs,  pray for us. 
 Queen of Confessors,  pray for us.
 Queen of Virgins,  pray for us.
 Queen of all Saints,  pray for us.
 Queen conceived without original sin,  pray for us.
 Queen of heaven,  pray for us. 
 Queen of peace,  pray for us.
 Queen of families,  pray for us.

 Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, 
          Spare us, O Lord. 
 Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, 
          Graciously hear us, O Lord. 
 Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, 
          Have mercy on us.
 Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, 
 That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

 O God, whose only begotten Son, by His life,
 death and resurrection, has purchased for us 
 the rewards of eternal life, grant, we beseech Thee,
 O Lord God, that by upon the mysteries of the most 
 Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
 we imitate what they contain and obtain 
 what they promise through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

     Act of Contrition 

 My Lord, Jesus Christ, true God and true man, 
 in whom I believe, in whom I hope, in whom I
 love above all things, I am deeply sorry for 
 having offended Thee, because Thou are infinite
 goodness. I promise never more to offend Thee, 
 with the help of Thy divine grace, and through the
 powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother, 
 the Holy Virgin Mary, whom I would like to honor
 all the days of my life, but most particularly during 
 this novena which I dedicate to the glory of
 her most holy name. AMEN.

 Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us! 

 O most lovable Queen and Mother Mary,
 whose sweet name gladdens the heavens,
 consoles the earth and daunts hell! O peerless
 greatness granted to Thee by Him who is
 omnipotent, that all might share in the benefits
 of the plenitude, namely: the sick their cure, 
 the sorrowful their consolation, the sinners
 their forgiveness, the angels their joys, 
 and the blessed Trinity untold glory! To 
 Thee I have recourse in this novena,
 as armor for my defense, as a medicine 
 for my health, as a consolation for my grief, 
 as an effective relief for my burdens, as help 
 unto the remission of my sins and as a
 universal remedy for all my needs; therefore,
 I beseech Thee time and again and frequently 
 repeat these sweet words:

 Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us! (3x). 

 May I deserve from thy mercy and benevolence
 a participation in the benign influence of thy
 name and may I become one of thy most
 faithful children, so that living always under
 this precious protection, may I be granted
 the special intention of this novena, if it be 
 for the greater honor and glory of God and 
 the salvation of my soul. AMEN.

 Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us!

 M - other, most beloved, in all the occasions
 of my life remember me a miserable sinner. 
     Hail Mary … 

 A - queduct of divine graces, grant me
 abundant tears with which to wash away my sins. 
     Hail Mary…

 R - oyal Queen of heaven and earth, be my help
 and defense against the assaults of my enemies.  
    Hail Mary…

 I -   llustrious and beloved daughter of Joachim 
 and Anne, pray Thy divine Son to grant me the  
 graces I need for my salvation.
     Hail Mary …

A -  dvocate and refuge of sinners, be at my bedside 
 at the hour of my death and open for me the portals of heaven. 
     Hail Mary …

 (A moment of silence and one may ask from
 Our Lord through the powerful intercession 
 of the Blessed Virgin of Peñafrancia,
 the special grace we most need and desire in this Novena.) 

 Act of Love to Our Pure and Immaculate Mother Mary:
 O sovereign Queen of Angels, our Lady of Peñafrancia,
 Mary most holy, I ……(your name)…………., 
 the greatest of sinners, prostrate at thy feet, 
 humbly offer these five Hail Marys in reverence
 and in honor of the five letters that make up thy
 most sweet name, 'Maria'. I beseech Thee,
 O lovable Mother, to imprint it deeply in my
 heart that from now on I may invoke it more 
 frequently and more devotedly than in the 
 past and that I may deserve the choice graces 
 of our Lord. With my soul thus enriched 
 with the treasure of thy love and solicitude,
 help me to have a peaceful and holy death, 
 preceded by a sincere and worthy reception 
 of the last sacraments. Finally, grant me thy
 valuable assistance for which I will be deeply 
 grateful and with which I hope to praise thee
 in heaven for all eternity. AMEN. 

 Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us! (5x)

 Day 1 to Day 9 Novena Prayer

 Daily Closing Prayer to the Virgin of Peñafrancia 

 Turn to me thine sweet eyes, O most loving 
 Virgin of Peñafrancia, and have mercy on me
 who comes to Thee for recourse full of repentance. 
 Protect my family, my relatives, my friends and benefactors.
 Intercede for Thy devotees, both the living and the dead, 
 especially for those whom I am most obliged to help.
 Pray for me, console me, and save me. In my hours of peril,
 adversity and affliction, above all, in the hour of my death, 
 appear before Thy Divine Son to help me and defend me.
 Tell Him that I am Thy devotee. That having complete
 trust in Thy protection, I kneel before thy miraculous 
 image to ask for Thy powerful intercession. 
 Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for me, help me,
 console me and deliver me from all evil. AMEN.

5. A suggestion for the ending of the day’s Novena is to sing your favorite Marian song.

P.S. This novena version was taken from: The Novena To The Virgin of Peñafrancia. Imprimatur: LEONARDO LEGASPI, O.P., D.D., Archbishop of Caceres, Naga City, Philippines, Nihil obstat: Msgr. Jose Rojas (Censor Deputatus), ©2003. Thank you for praying with us!
 May God’s blessings be with us and our love ones always!